Joe Shanahan Persona

My brand persona allows me to judge my personal attributes. My colour brand is blue as I feel the qualities associated with the colour blue are most relevant to me. Blue represents loyalty, power, reliability and confidence.  I feel that these attributes match my personality the best of all the colour brands. I am confident while speaking in public and not afraid to speak my mind when my opinion is required. I am a loyal person, I show great pride and passion to my local hurling club Templederry and my local soccer club Sallypark FC. I could never imagine myself playing for or supporting another club.

I would consider my brand persona athletic. I consider myself healthy and physically fit. i9 am constantly playing and watching sport. I play both hurling and soccer with my local so

clubs. I train hurling twice a week and play a match at the weekends. I also train soccer once a week and play a game on usually a sunday morning.

I also consider myself an achiever. I crave success and always do my best to achieve well in education and sport. the feeling of winning a game or getting  a good grade in college is what encourages me.

For more on creating o personal persona check out Shane Hogans blog htttp://



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